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Modular Provides The Best Home Renovations In Toronto

When it comes to home renovations, Toronto has many companies that a homeowner can choose from. To make the process as simple and as stress free as possible, it is always best to find one company that can provide the most amount of services needed during a home renovation project. It is important to ask any company if they do interior and exterior construction, as well as deal with the inner mechanics of heating, electricity and plumbing. By getting the most services done by one single company, you are able to better control exactly what you will spend on your home renovations, as well as ensure that you will not be stuck with a half finished project.

Modular truly is the "one stop” home renovation company. They provide Toronto homeowners the best possible option when it comes to getting work done to their property as they can truly do everything needed from the start to the finish.

Each step in the home renovation process is equally important, and it is vital that you have a good idea of what your ultimate goals are and a set out budget. Once we have discussed exactly what you want, we will provide you an accurate estimate. We can rework all the details until we have come up with a satisfying cost frame.
Modular takes care of all the starting procedures such as obtaining building permits and helping you arrange financing. Once everything is in place, you can relax and watch as we transform your home into the place of your dreams.

Despite the Canadian weather, Modular can work all year round as the majority of our construction occurs offsite in an environmentally controlled factory. New additions can be added in a matter of hours, and once the roofing is set, we are ready to work on the interior mechanics such as the electrical works, the heating and the plumbing.
Beyond the quick installation, our customers can select the paint colors and finishes they want from the comfort of our show room well before construction even begins. This way, you are able to see exactly how your new home will look, and can begin planning your new decorating schemes.
Beyond our incredible service and expertise, Toronto homeowners use Modular for their home renovation projects as we can give the best results in the most convenient manner. Our work will not disrupt your daily life. We do not believe in dragging out simple projects at the expense of our clients. We aim to get you settled in your new home right away and we offer an after sale customer satisfaction guarantee along with a special warranty on our products and services.
Make sure you are getting exactly what you want at a price you can afford. Home renovations should be an exciting time. Let us renovate your home in a fast and friendly way.
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Our showroom is located in the East York area of Toronto. Please call or email us to set up an appointment.
27 Bermondsey Rd.
Toronto, ON M4B 1Z7
Fax: 416.759.9563

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